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Soft Liner Specialist

Christian Iturriaga, DPD -  - Denturist

Dentures 4 U

Christian Iturriaga, DPD

Denturist located in Kennewick, WA

If you suffer from pain and discomfort when you use or wear your dentures, it may be time to consider adding a soft liner. Soft liners offer shock absorption and close denture adhesion. At Dentures 4 U in Kennewick, Washington, the team offers soft liner relines and soft liner application on new dentures. To learn more, schedule an appointment over the phone today.

Soft Liner Q & A

What are soft liners?

Soft liners are a type of denture liner designed for comfort. They’re typically made from polymers or elastomers, substances which both create liners that are malleable and easily shaped. In other words, they adapt to your mouth more readily and effectively than harder denture liners.

In contrast to soft liners, harder liners are made from hard acrylic materials that are more likely to cause you pain and discomfort.

Soft liners ensure a secure, tight fit between your denture plates and your tissues. They relieve pain and discomfort associated with chewing, biting, and talking with ill-fitting dentures. They deliver this relief while being much gentler on the gums and other mouth tissues.

Soft liners act like shock absorbers. By absorbing a large portion of the pressure you experience from chewing, they help improve gum health.

Can I replace my old liners with soft liners?

Yes! Christian can place soft liners in new dentures or they can reline existing dentures with a soft liner. They can also place soft liners in new and existing implant-style dentures.

Soft liners are a great alternative to denture adhesive, which can be messy and unreliable, causing pain during the healing period.

Are soft liners right for me?

Soft liners are a great option for many people. While the only way to know for sure if soft liners are right for you is by visiting Dentures 4 U, in general, they are a good fit for you if you have:

  • Sensitive or chronically sore gums
  • Receded or flattened gum tissues
  • Gums that feature sharp, bony sections
  • Pain when chewing

If you experience swelling and pain after your initial extraction and denture installation, Christian may suggest you get temporary soft liners for superior comfort. This creates an easier and more comfortable healing period and transition to regular denture wearing.

Dentures aren’t meant to cause you pain, but if they are, you don’t have to settle. Are ready to make the switch to soft liners? If so, reach out to Dentures 4 U today. Schedule your free consultation over the phone.