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Implant Retained Dentures Specialist

Christian Iturriaga, DPD -  - Denturist

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Christian Iturriaga, DPD

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Are you looking for reliable, affordable, long-lasting denture implants that work even if you have low jawbone density? If so, consider getting implant dentures with the team at Dentures 4 U in Kennewick, Washington. At the family owned and operated denturist office, the team offers friendly, professional, and experienced service. Get your bite back by scheduling a complimentary consultation over the phone today.

Implant Retained Dentures Q & A

What are implant dentures?

Implant dentures are dentures that work in conjunction with a small number of implants. Denture implants are titanium screws that your dentist places into your jawbone, to which Christian at Dentures 4 U attaches your dentures. These implants help stabilize the dentures and hold them in place. They create a more secure bite and distribute the pressure from biting or chewing throughout the gums and away from the dentures.

Most implant dentures feature overdentures, which are removable dentures on top of the implants themselves.

How do implant dentures work?

There are two main types of implant dentures: bar-retained dentures and ball-retained dentures.

Bar-retained dentures

Bar-retained dentures use a thin metal bar that attaches to between two and five implants as it curves around your jaw. Christian attaches dentures to the bar using attachments, like clips. The dentures sit securely over the bar.

Ball-retained dentures

Ball-retained dentures, also known as stud-attachment dentures, feature implants with metal attachments that fit into mate attachments on the denture. Typically, the implants have ball-shaped attachments and the dentures have socket-shaped attachments that fit inside them.

What are the advantages of implant dentures?

Implant dentures offer patients a number of advantages, including:

Number of required implants

Christian can make implant dentures using only a few implants, often including miniature implants. In contrast, implant-supported dentures require quite a few implants.


Implant dentures are physically attached to small implants in your jaw. This makes them stronger than traditional adhesive dentures. They offer a better bite and they’re less likely to fall out while you’re talking or eating.


Implant dentures are more accessible to those with lower bone density than other denture implant options because they don’t need to use as much jawbone. This is especially advantageous for older adults, who often suffer from low bone density.

Price point

Another advantage of implant dentures is that they’re affordable. In fact, they’re typically the most economical implant denture option.

If you need dental implants, consider implant dentures. Find out if they’re the right fit for you by reaching out to the team at Dentures 4 U. Schedule your appointment over the phone today.