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Denture Repair Specialist

Christian Iturriaga, DPD -  - Denturist

Dentures 4 U

Christian Iturriaga, DPD

Denturist located in Kennewick, WA

Are your dentures cracked, fractured, or ill-fitting? Whether you need a quick fix or a complicated repair, there’s only one place you should go: Dentures 4 U in Kennewick, Washington. At Dentures 4 U, the team offers a variety of denture repair services, including quick services performed in under two hours. To learn more, call to schedule a free consultation today.

Denture Repair Q & A

Can I repair dentures myself?

While many companies sell denture repair kits online and in stores, it’s never a good idea to attempt to fix or adjust dentures on your own. When you try to fix your own dentures, you can easily make your problems worse. Fixing your own dentures can lead you to accidentally:

  • Bending clasps and/or metal attachments
  • Weakening metal attachments
  • Permanently damaging dentures with the wrong type of glue
  • Using unsafe glue
  • Dropping the dentures and breaking one or more teeth

Avoid these issues by making an appointment for dental repair the minute you notice that your dentures no longer fit correctly or you lose a tooth.

Can I get my dentures fixed quickly?

It only makes sense that, when you damage your dentures or they begin to fit incorrectly, you want to get them fixed as soon as possible. After all, you need your teeth to eat, and walking around with a missing tooth can be embarrassing.

For this reason, the team at Dentures 4 U offers walk-in dental repairs. Without an appointment, they can set you up with:

  • Quick denture tooth replacement
  • Repair of broken or cracked full and partial denture sets

Typically, the team completes these repairs within one to two hours. They also offer more in-depth repairs and adjustments, such as denture relines.

How can I keep my dentures from sustaining damage?

To keep your dentures in tip-top shape, you need to take good care of them by:

  • Handling them carefully, so they don’t fall and break
  • Always taking them out at night
  • Always soaking them at night so they don’t dry out
  • Never bleaching them or placing them in hot water
  • Only using dentist-approved cleaning materials
  • Avoiding abrasive bristle toothbrushes

Even with your best efforts, due to natural wear and tear and age-related changes to your jaw, mouth, and face. You’ll likely have to reline or readjust your dentures at least every three to five years.

If your dentures are damaged or need an adjustment, stop in to see the team at Dentures 4 U. Book your complimentary evaluation by calling the office directly.