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Partial Dentures Specialist

Christian Iturriaga, DPD -  - Denturist

Dentures 4 U

Christian Iturriaga, DPD

Denturist located in Kennewick, WA

Are you missing a few teeth and think that you don’t have any denture options? If so, reach out to the team at Dentures 4 U, in Kennewick, Washington, to learn about partial dentures. At Dentures 4 U, the team creates natural-looking partial dentures for anyone missing one or more teeth. Schedule your appointment over the phone today.

Partial Dentures Q & A

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures are dentures that replace one or more teeth. Typically, Christian attaches them to a gum-colored plastic base.

Partial dentures stay in place when you attach them to your natural teeth, usually with a metal framework, the same way retainers attach to teeth. You can also adhere them to crowns on your natural teeth or to precision attachments, depending on the state of your teeth and mouth tissues.

At Dentures 4 U, Christian makes a wide variety of partial denture types. Partial denture types include:

  • Cast partials
  • Flexible partials
  • Flipper partials
  • Resin partials

Each partial denture type offers something different.

What are the advantages of partial dentures?

Partial dentures are the perfect solution for you if you’re missing only a small number of teeth but you want to have a toothy smile you’re proud of. Partial dentures are also:

  • Easy to place
  • Easy to remove and clean at night
  • Budget-friendly
  • Adaptable to different attachment methods

Also, by wearing partial implants, you protect your existing teeth from shifting and warping out of place. Tooth shifting can cause pain and a bad bite.

How do I get fitted for partial dentures?

To get you fitted for partial dentures, Christian starts by taking impressions of your mouth and creating a model of your teeth. With this model, they expertly design your custom partial denture set.

Once your gums and jaw tissues heal from your extractions, you can begin wearing your new dentures. Ask Christian if you can wear your dentures at night when you first get them so you can quickly identify fit issues and get them fixed before you resume normal wear.

As time goes on, your mouth will likely change and affect your partial denture fit. If your partial dentures become loose or uncomfortable, reach out to Dentures 4 U for an adjustment or reline. The team is dedicated to ensuring you have comfortable dentures.

If you’re ready to take back your smile, contact Dentures 4 U to learn about your many options with partial dentures. Schedule your complimentary consultation by calling the office today.